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"Fracking is Why We Pay $2 a Gallon for Gas Rather than $4" Thanks to Those Allowed to Sell Mineral Rights!

Overheard at a pizza joint in Maryland this week was, "Fracking is why we pay $2 a gallon for gas rather than $4," a fact of life all who in the world who sell mineral rights or those selling oil and gas royalties, leases, and other energy interests realize.

Maryland recently allowed fracking, which will be mostly for natural gas in the western part of the state.

There is a struggle about when fracking can begin.  This is ironic, if not tragic, as the natural gas deposits are in the poorest part of the state.  Like so many other areas, those in natural gas and oil areas are being deprived of their right to benefit financially from their private property holdings.  In some areas, this is called "Marcellus Shale Envy.

There does not have to be "Marcellus Shale Envy" in Maryland.

Fracking in the state will benefit all.  It will especially be beneficial for those living in the oil and natural gas region.  The more fracking there is in Maryland and other parts of the United States, the less Americans will have to pay at the pump; and to heat their homes and businesses.

This video provides the information on how to get top dollar when selling!


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