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Saudi Arabia Spending $300 Billion to Explore in Oil & Gas News!

Saudi Arabia recently announced that it was spending $300 billion to explore for oil and natural gas, welcome oil and natural gas news for those selling oil and gas royalties, mineral rights, leases, and other energy holdings.

This massive amount will be spent as Saudi Arabia expects greater demand for oil and natural gas in the future.

This makes since based on demographics.  Billions more consumers are entering the consumer class.  That requires oil and natural gas for motor vehicles, factories, homes, et al  There is no better news for those looking to sell mineral rights, working interests, and other oil and natural gas assets.  Coal is being replaced by oil and natural gas.

In the United States, more power comes from natural gas than coal now.

For the Saudis, this move shows there is a expectation that global oil and natural gas demand will rise.  As more consumer, there will be even more a need.  The more demand, the higher the price.  That is not oil and gas news, it is basic supply and demand.

This video provides the information on how to get top dollar when selling!



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