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Will Fracking for Natural Gas Bring Europe back to Greatness?


A robust market for selling oil and natural gas mineral rights, royalties, and leases could do much to restore economic greatness in Europe.  There is plenty of natural gas in Europe: an estimated 470 trillion cubic feet, according to the U.S. Energy Information Agency.  That is almost as much as in America!  Exploiting those reserves could do much to engender economic growth in Europe.

Energy production has been citical for the United States recovering from The Great Recession.

Millions of jobs have been created by greater production of oil and natural gas.  Those selling mineral rights, leases, and royalties in Texas, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and other American states have done well.  The taxes from selling energy assets spread the benefits to all, too.  When The Keystone Pipeline is approved, the economy in the United States will perform even better, as detailed in another article on this site.

That is needed in Europe, which is a long way to recovery from The Great Recession.

But fracking is banned in Bulgaria and France/  The largest estimated reserves in Europe are in France.  Many in Europe believe that "green energy" can provide what is needed to power the economy.  There is nothing that comes even close to validating that belief.

All of that makes it a great time to sell oil and natural gas royalties, leases, and mineral rights.

Due to the problems in Europe, there is a premium on energy interests in the United States.  Investors from around the world are spending billions on North American energy assets.  There is plenty of cash, which means that deals close quickly for royal interests and other oil and natural gas interests.  Clicking on this video provides the information on how to get top dollar when selling.

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