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AP Poll of Economists: US Gains from Exporting Natural Gas and Oil


The results of an Associated Press poll of economists about the exporting of natural gas and oil match up with what all selling oil and natural gas royalites, leases, and mineral rights realize on a daily basis: the United States would benefit tremendously.  The Associated Press polled 30 economists and nearly 90 percent stated American exports of oil and natural gas would produce gains for the country.  Jerry Webman, Chief Economist at Oppenheimer Funds, stated, "The economy in general is better off if we can sell something to someone and bring money into the economy.  I'd rather deal with any side effects directly than limit our ability to do business with the world."

That is certainly why buyers from around the world are investing in the oil and natural gas sector in North America.

There is a strong global demand for energy assets.  Due to the economic stability and political security in the United States, the prices are very strong for oil and natural gas interests.  Mineral rights, leases, and royalty inteests are being sold at high value to buyers flocking from around the world to Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas, and other American states.  As detailed in a previous article on this site, Illinois could soon be producing more and joining the top oil and natural gas states.

Exporting American oil and natural gas will benefit everyone.

For the country, the United States will be stronger as it will control it own energy policy.  Consumers will benefit from greater production of oil and natural gas.  Sellers will enjoy a stronger market.  All parties will gain from a robust energy sector, which will lead to greater economic growth in the United States and around the world.

That makes for an ideal time to sell.

Prices are strong for oil and natural gas interests.  The cash level is high.  Deals are closing quickly for leases, royalties, and mineral rights.  This video provides the information on how to get top dollar when selling.

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